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FIBRAMIX SRL, we are a company dedicated to the production of high quality balanced feed for farm animals. We are located in the city of Montero, in the department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

With a proven track record in the industry, we are proud to offer our customers reliable and nutritious products to meet the needs of their animals. Our commitment to quality and animal welfare projects us to become leaders in the local, national and international markets.

At FIBRAMIX, we understand the importance of a balanced diet for the healthy development of farm animals. For this reason, we strive to use top quality ingredients and follow rigorous production standards to guarantee the excellence of our products.

Our team of animal nutrition experts work closely with producers to understand their specific needs and offer customized solutions.

We value long-term relationships and take pride in being a trusted partner to our clients.

In addition, we care about the environment and sustainability. We implement responsible practices in our production chain to minimize our impact and contribute to caring for the environment in which we live.

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"At Fibramix, we are proud to offer high-quality whole soybean meal as a raw material in the preparation of balanced feed for poultry farmers, pig farmers, cattle confiners and fish farmers. Our whole soybean meal is obtained through an extrusion process of soybeans, using high temperatures and pressure"

This extrusion process has a significant impact on the quality and usefulness of whole soybean meal. During extrusion, anti-nutritional factors present in soybeans, such as trypsin inhibitors, are removed. These inhibitors can interfere with protein digestion and negatively affect nutrient utilization by animals.



"Our company's special chicken feed, Fibramix, is produced using a micro-pelleting method at high temperatures. This innovative process allows us to break down the nutrients present in the ingredients and increase the digestibility of the feed to achieve better feed conversion in chickens. "

By using our special micro-pelletized feed, your chickens will be able to make the most of the essential nutrients present in the diet. This translates into higher feed conversion efficiency, meaning chickens will convert feed into growth and production more efficiently.



"CARRIER" which is the ground rice husk from Fibramix, is a product specially designed for use in the preparation of vitamin and mineral premixes in various sectors, such as poultry, pork, bovine, equine and others.

One of the main advantages of milled rice hulls is its ability to achieve fine particle stabilization. This means that it helps to keep the particles small and uniform, preventing segregation and allowing a homogeneous distribution of the micro powdered ingredients during the mixing process.



"Our company's special dairy cow feed, Fibramix, is produced using a high-temperature pelleting method.

This innovative process allows us to break down the nutrients present in the ingredients and increase the digestibility of the food"

By using our special pelleted feed, your dairy cows will be able to get the most out of the nutrients present in the diet. This translates into better nutrient absorption, higher feed efficiency and ultimately optimal milk production.

"Balanced nutrition for the sustainable growth of your animals"